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What do we do?

Krasowski Company offers you complex custom-designed quant and IT services that will facilitate the hard part of the business, namely computing, programming and IT. We provide you with must-be services such as statistics and computing consulting, knowledge about how to manage the IT side of a company (e.g. databases, websites) and delivering people that program in a language you need. The idea is that all clients of Krasowski Company’s receive a package of all necessary services which offers a great value for its price.


Statistics and Computing

Manipulating data in order to find precious information in it:

  • Big data computing and preprocessing
  • Statistical modelling, for example: regression, machine learning, Bayesian statistics, time series analysis
  • Automatizing calculations


In other words, delivering the right people that can program in any language you wish

  • The languages include: C++, C#, Java, (Scala), JavaScript, Angular, .NET, SQL, Python, SAS.
  • We are flexible: we support you always and anytime. We are the best of the bests.
  • Please, ask if the language you need is not in the list above!

IT in a business

Managing the IT side of a business:

  • Website design and development tailored to a customer’s needs
  • Database and application development
  • Project management (Scrum, Agile)

About us

The company was founded in 2015 by Milosz Krasowski, an economist and computer sciencist in one. In the beginning we developed websites and provided business development services. Nowadays, we focus purely on IT and computer science. We deliver our services for biggest companies in the financial and technology sector.

Our motto: If you do like everyone else does, you will have a life like everyone else does.


Our projects and happy clients

Our projects were mainly about:

  • Designing a computing platform (Python & R) for risk management purposes for a top-tier bank in the world
  • Developing websites and a business strategy for a law and cosmetics companies
  • Making a website application in Java for a car trade company
  • Developing an Oracle database for one of the largest bank in the Netherlands
  • Conducting a statistical research for an airport in the Netherlands

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