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What do I do?

Foreign markets often offer untapped opportunities to invest in project that might earn above-average profits for firms. However, investing in foreign markets also poses significant risks. The quality of institutions and markets in various economies might differ significantly and therefore, more effort has to be devoted to research before reaching any decision, in order to minimize risks of business failure.

Krasowski Company offers you complex custom-designed research services that will facilitate investment decision making process and will help you to understand the differences that might emerge in foreign countries and which might be crucial for successful selection of the most profitable business idea. Additionally, I provide you with must-be services such as website development, knowledge about how to start with accounting issues and formalities such as company registration. The idea is that all clients of Krasowski Company’s receive a package of all necessary services which offers a great value for its price.



Finding business opportunities through the process of gathering any relevant information

  • secondary research (i.e. reviewing existing data)
  • qualitative research (i.e. gaining information and opinions from other people) with a possible use of econometric modelling, for example: logit, probit, OLS, panel data, AR, ARMA, Bayesian statistics
  • quantitative research (i.e. gaining information in numbers, for example through a survey)

(New) company development

In other words, all about running a business in Poland and the Netherlands:

  • Company registration
  • How to begin with financial and accounting issues?
  • Strategies for Dutch and Polish markets. How could your business be more successful?

Website development

Increasing your business reach and visibility:

  • website design and development tailored to a customer’s needs
  • simple application development (i.e. data warehousing, information processing)
  • website in English, Polish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese and many other languages!

About me

Milosz Krasowski

Milosz Krasowski

I studied Economics at University of Groningen, Economics and Business at Renmin University of China in Beijing and Financial Economics at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

I am passionate about research, statistics, web development and finance. I also work in the securitisation industry at the Open Source Investor Services company where I am a quantitative risk analyst responsible for credit risk modelling on loan-level data for the major global banks. In addition to that, I develop software for data manipulation, pre-processing and visualization. I’m fluent in R, RShiny, Python, MatLab, EViews and have a basic knowledge of PHP, JavaScript.

During my leisure time I’m busy with sport (skiing, running, street workout), numismatics and traveling around the world.

My motto: If you do like everyone else does, you will have a life like everyone else.

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